Bath Remodel In A Down Economy

January, 2010

Bath Remodeling in a down economy is still a valid reason for maintaining your investment.  This may not work for everyone, but thru logical reasoning it it.  Here’s why:

Math Point of View

We’re not going to bore you with the actual stats. But logically, chances are you’re paying more for the upkeep and your energy bill.

Aesthetic Point of View

If your house is in shabby condition, don’t wait until 10 years from now to do something about it.  You will pay more to get it fixed up vs doing it now.

Energy Efficiency of House

Straight answer, if your home is energy efficient.  You will save more money on your utility bills.

So what does this have to do with your bath remodel project?  Everything!  If you have an issue with your bathroom. Like your plumbing or flooring.  You don’t take care of it now, the conditions will get worse.

Its ok to do some of these projects in small steps, but the more important ones that is the root of the problem. Give us a shout!

Bath Remodel For Handicap

January, 2010

When remodeling a bathroom to be used by a handicapped person, here are some things to consider, there has to be enough floor space so that if a wheelchair is used, there’s at least sixty inches diameter that will allow full turns. Some of that space can be found under bathroom fixtures as long as the required toe and knee space is available.

A handicapped bathroom must have a minimum clearance of thirty inches from the bottom of the seat to the finished floor. Similarly, a bathroom sink, bathroom countertop as well as bathroom cabinets must be within a reach.

All the bathroom fixtures and bathroom faucets must also be within a reach, according to bathroom remodeling resources, the maximum force that is required to use a bathroom faucet can not be bigger than five pounds.

Grab bars should be installed anywhere a person may need them – they are necessary in the shower and beside the bathtub.

The floor of a bathroom needs to be made out of non-slippery materials. When remodeling a bathroom to be used by a handicapped person don’t use tile or vinyl unless it’s sanded or sand-like in texture.

These info are just basic requirements for easy access, give us a shout if you have further questions about bath remodel for handicap.

Bath Remodel Costs

January, 2010

Bath remodel can be big or small projects, depending on what the customers wants to do with their budget.

Q. What makes a bathroom remodeling more or less expensive?

A: No single element of a bathroom remodel comprises a significantly larger portion of the costs than other elements. Cabinets are one of the biggest parts of the budget, accounting for 34 percent of costs, on average. So, the type and quality of cabinets you select will affect your total costs.

Not surprisingly, fixtures and fittings account for a high cost percentage in the bathroom. Expense for fixtures and fittings will vary depending on the brand, type of materials, and array of products you select.

In bathrooms, installation accounts for nearly a quarter of the total cost. This is because the installation work in a bathroom tends to be intricate (for example, tile setting). If you’re looking to cut corners, this is probably not the place to do it.

Q: How can I possibly pay for a new bathroom?

A: Like any huge purchase, you should only spend what you can afford to spend. That means setting up a budget and sticking to it. If you work with a professional Bath designer, they’ll help you make the most of it.

As for payment, there are a number of options. Some homeowners tap into personal savings to get their bathroom of their dreams. Others take out home equity loans.  If you’re buying a house and know you’ll need to remodel the bathroom, you may be able to incorporate the costs in your mortgage.

There you go, thats the best that we can do on bath remodel costs, give us a shout!

Small Modern Bath

December, 2009

This bathroom featured  a minimal modern kitchen & bath look that emphasizes space. The light above enhances the subtle but important variations in color between the light grays and the whites. Notice how the tile around the sink seems to be a continuation of the floor.

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Small Bath Idea

December, 2009

there are ways to design a small bathroom to make it looks comfy. Look at the pic above by taking out the bath tub, the bath now has that clean look

Consider removing the tub altogether (a tub is only used approx. 3 times/yr) and replace it with a tiled walk-in shower with a distinct tile pattern and frameless shower enclosure…and voila!

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