Hidden Bathroom Costs

Hidden problems can be a major problem when taking on a job in the bathroom. Problems that are hidden behind the walls and underneath the floors, such as the plumbing can raise the price of the service.

So for homeowners its important to expect those hidden problems in the bathroom and prepare to deal with. Swansons Contracting Bath Remodelers understand how homeowners feel when it comes to expectations.

Thats why we give the homeowners a thorough initial inspections and give you what the possibility of the problems. Remember we don’t try to upsell our service but we tell you the truth and the consequences of what can happen if you don’t take care of plumbing problems that affects your bathroom.

Old Pipes – Cast Iron

Understanding your pipes is important, the older your pipes there is a chance that it is deteriorating. Some of these older cast iron pipes rot from the inside out. So you would never know by the looks of it once its too late. So here’s a tip that you can do.

Tap lightly on the pipe with a heavy wrench or screwdriver. Listen for the tone, a change indicates that there is a buildup or the wall is corroded. Either way the pipe will need to be repair or replaced.

Galvanized Pipes

Plan on replacing the whole pipe run.  Old threaded galvanized pipe joints are usually frozen tight from corrosion and can’t be disassembled without breaking. Something to keep in mind, in other words when you’re replacing, you’ll have to replace the whole pipe run.

This is just a short blurp on hidden problems that you may have when dealing with bathrooms, and plumbing is a big one.

One Response to “Hidden Bathroom Costs”

  1. Frank Groll Says:

    I am a plumber and there is nothing like performing a simple daily task like replacing toilets . When you find out the pipes are so corrodid. Checkin out the “guts” of the home is always a good idea before making the purchase.

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